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Dem İlaç



With its R&D strategies, Dem İlaç revolves its goals around manufacturing novel and groundbreaking pharmaceutical products. Dem İlaç strives to provide inventive solutions that enhance the quality of life for patients by following advancements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dem İlaç invests heavily in research and development activities. These investments are made at different stages, such as drug discovery, drug design, clinical trials and regulatory processes. The Company is open to scientific and technological innovation and integrates the latest findings and research into its R&D strategies.

As Dem İlaç, our primary objective is to bridge existing gaps in disease treatment and broaden the array of treatment options available. Therefore, it conducts studies in various therapeutic fields. For example, Dem İlaç focuses on major health problems such as cancer, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.

The company's R&D strategies are driven by a multidisciplinary approach, supported by a diverse team of scientists, researchers, physicians, and industry professionals. This team collaborates by sharing their knowledge and expertise, collectively working towards achieving new objectives.

Dem İlaç maintains a perpetual commitment to the development of innovative pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, the Company aspires to advance pharmaceutical research by employing groundbreaking methods and techniques.

Türkiye's National Anchor in the Health Sector

Having been a symbol of quality and trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and being committed to its vision, mission and values; Dem İlaç has been established by the pharmaceutical professionals who have been serving in this industry since 1970, and has been serving Turkish Medicine with its effective production rate and rapid results, and increasing its quality and services since 1992.


İnönü Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. Dem Plaza No:172 Ataşehir/İstanbul

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