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  • Developing and continuously improving product quality in line with customer needs and demands and future expectations,
  •  Maintaining solid supply relationships,
  • Ensuring compliance with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements and continuous improvement of the system,
  •  Using strong budget management, planning, and foresight against external influences,
  • Utilizing alternate financial strategies in response to evolving circumstances,
  • Dealing with market-share-rich products that have a potent sales force and tactics,
  • We prioritize the satisfaction of our employees. Improving our conditions via periodic process satisfaction surveys,
  • Promoting the active involvement of employees in the management system’s operation,
  • Fostering the continuous development and awareness of employees through training to enhance their productivity and contributions to the operation,
  • Vigilantly monitoring and directing legal processes,
  • Implementing risk assessment in managing current processes,
  • Ensuring the delivery of requested products in line with quality requirements,
  • Building an organization that steadily improves its standing in the industry, with the ultimate goal of consistently expanding our market share.


  • Prioritizing environmental safety across all our activities,
  • Identifying the environmental impacts of actions undertaken in all our facilities, preventing or minimizing pollution resulting from identified risks, and preserving the environment,
  • Ensuring strict compliance with TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System requirements and continuous enhancement of the system,
  • Allocating resources for environmental protection and improvement, conducting research leveraging scientific and technological advancements,
  • Full adherence to environmental laws and regulations,
    • Continuously providing training opportunities to bolster environmental consciousness within the organization, ensuring that our employees possess the necessary awareness to safeguard the environment,
  • Demonstrating environmental sensitivity by consistently reducing waste production,
  • Acknowledging the environmental practices of suppliers in their selection,
  • Cultivating an open, active, and productive collaboration with the suppliers we engage with as part of our environmental policy, and promoting environmental awareness within these organizations.

OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) POLICY

  • Continuously monitoring the development of technologies and methods in related sectors worldwide to address occupational health and safety concerns and ensure their applicability within our company,
  • Ensuring the ongoing implementation and enhancement of the TS EN ISO 45001 OHS Management System,
  • Prioritizing the prevention of occupational accidents and health deterioration by maintaining the highest level of occupational health and safety,
  • Ensuring adherence to applicable legal regulations and other requirements,
    • Focusing on protecting the health of our employees, preventing adverse effects on the well-being of subcontractor employees, and anyone influenced by our activities,
  • Taking all necessary measures to proactively manage accidents, damages, and hazards that might affect our property and that of others and ensuring protection from the outset,
  • Enabling continuous improvement in the execution of occupational health and safety by ensuring comprehensive and timely training for our employees and subcontractor employees,
  • Cultivating a philosophy of life centered around understanding the OHS management system and enhancing the awareness of occupational health and safety among our employees in this direction.

Our Certificates

Türkiye's National Anchor in the Health Sector

Having been a symbol of quality and trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and being committed to its vision, mission and values; Dem İlaç has been established by the pharmaceutical professionals who have been serving in this industry since 1970, and has been serving Turkish Medicine with its effective production rate and rapid results, and increasing its quality and services since 1992.


İnönü Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. Dem Plaza No:172 Ataşehir/İstanbul

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