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Dem İlaç
Production Facility

Yalova Çiftlikköy is home to an environmentally conscious, GMP-certified production facility that utilizes cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge to produce sterile injectable products.

- Our production facility, situated on 6.749,68 m³ of land in Yalova Çiftlikköy, has a total area of 30.000 m² and a closed area of 14.185 m², and with its advanced technology, it has rejuvenated the production of sterile injectable products, which is our area of expertise. Yalova Sterile Production Facility commenced its operations in 2022.

- In our production facility, we employ modern and eco-friendly technologies while adhering to the stringent requirements of GMP, GLP, and GDP, and these measures are complemented by our high production capacity.

- Our factory's operations are under constant surveillance through the utilization of BMS and EMS automation systems.

- Our production facility inspected and approved by Turkish health authorities, has been granted a GMP certificate.

- Along with manufacturing our proprietary products at our facility, we extend contract manufacturing services to various national and international companies.

Our Electronic Systems

The following electronic control systems monitor all the processes in our Production Facility:


All procurement, production and logistics operations are conducted with SAP software.


(Building Management System) All ventilation and support systems are managed by the Building Management System (BMS).


(Environmental Monitoring System) Critical quality parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure difference are monitored and recorded in Production, Quality and Warehouse fields.


Quality Management System oversees the management of changes, deviations, supplier evaluations, supplier audits, customer complaints, internal and external audits, pharmacovigilance, and new product declarations.

QR Code

With the 2D QR Code System on each product box, it's possible to trace products all the way from the pharmaceutical warehouse to the pharmacy, and finally to the end user.


Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System (ITS) is a software system that enables the tracking of the QR codes on medicines and their notification to official institutions.

Our Production Capacities

Within our Sterile Production Facility, boasting a substantial closed area of 14,185 m² and the capability to produce 63 million boxes, we house Ampoule, Vial, and Lyophilized Vial production divisions, in addition to Quality Control and Microbiology Laboratories. Facility also includes our warehouse.

Ampoule Production Capacity
Vial Production Capacity
Lyophilized Vial Production Capacity
Vial Solution Preparation
Türkiye's National Anchor in the Health Sector

Having been a symbol of quality and trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and being committed to its vision, mission and values; Dem İlaç has been established by the pharmaceutical professionals who have been serving in this industry since 1970, and has been serving Turkish Medicine with its effective production rate and rapid results, and increasing its quality and services since 1992.


İnönü Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. Dem Plaza No:172 Ataşehir/İstanbul

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