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Human Resources Management


Human Resources Vision

Our aim is to be a preferred company in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry.
We aim to improve the performance of our employees by providing the most cultivating environment for them.

We aim to ensure that our human resource s, our most valuable asset, consist of people who can adopt and develop corporate values of Dem İlaç.

Our Human Resources Policy

Dem İlaç's fundamental Human Resources Management policy covers employment of all human resources in the most precise, effective, and efficient manner to enable our company to attain its objectives.

Dem İlaç's Human Resources department formulates practices aimed at contributing to the company by proactively identifying the company's requirements and closely monitoring developments in the industry. Furthermore, HR department plans internal and corporate communication activities and conducts social responsibility projects.

Main goal of Dem İlaç's HR department is to attract and hire the most skilled and productive workforce, harness the competencies and creativity of our employees for high efficiency, enhance their performance, facilitate their development, and foster a harmonious work environment.

Respect for Human

Our employees are our most valuable asset; therefore, we aim to build our relationships with our employees on healthy and permanent foundations, and we want to establish a long-serving professional relation.

In order to strengthen the spirit and unity of the team, we encourage our employees to participate in a variety of social, cultural, and educational events.

We care about the health of our employees and believe that their success and happiness at work is only possible with a healthy life.

We aim to establish physical working environments that comply with occupational health and safety regulations.
We commit to providing a welcoming and amicable atmosphere where performance evaluations are conducted fairly and transparently through mutual dialogues. This environment encourages employees to express their opinions freely and fosters career advancement opportunities.

Primary Objectives

Establishing human resources policies and practices necessary to achieve our goals,
Effectively and efficiently utilizing human resources,
Hiring individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and capabilities for their respective roles and assigning them to the most suitable departments, in other words, ensuring a balanced departmentalization,
Ensuring fair promotion based on employees' performance.
Identifying employees' training gaps and making sure they participate in training programs to address these deficiencies.

Expressing appreciation and motivating employees to cultivate a sense of enthusiasm and pride in working for a company they value,
Enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty,
Implementing a fair and exemplary remuneration and benefits policy,

Job Application

For job and internship applications, you can send your resume to or visit our Sayfamızı page.

Türkiye's National Anchor in the Health Sector

Having been a symbol of quality and trust in the pharmaceutical industry, and being committed to its vision, mission and values; Dem İlaç has been established by the pharmaceutical professionals who have been serving in this industry since 1970, and has been serving Turkish Medicine with its effective production rate and rapid results, and increasing its quality and services since 1992.


İnönü Mah. Kayışdağı Cad. Dem Plaza No:172 Ataşehir/İstanbul

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