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Based on values such as honesty, respect and trust, committed on its vision, mission and values, and being the icon of quality and trust within the pharmaceutical sector, Dem Pharmaceuticals has been established by a family devoted themselves to Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector since 1970. Dem Pharmaceuticals continues to give their services to the Turkish Medicine since 1992 finding effective and fast results, improving its quality and increasing the variety of its services.

Dem İlaç is incorporated in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry and sells imported and licensed drugs and medical preparations. The company distributes drugs to the major pharmaceutical warehouses in Turkey and across Turkey.

The product portfolio of Dem İlaç includes blood products, anesthetic agents, plasma expanders, antibiotics, biotechnology and biosimilar products procured from the leading manufacturers of the world and licensed medicines for human consumption manufactured in modern plants of Turkey.

Dem İlaç is highly focused on and invests in new product research and holds about 100 license files for drugs for human consumption , blood products and oncology medicines. The company also holds import rights for some medical preparations with CE certificate besides the products for which it has licenses for export, manufacture and sub-manufacture.

Dem İlaç continues to conduct researches worldwide to conclude new product agreements with licensors and to expand its portfolio in addition to products it markets and for which licensing works continue.

Dem İlaç takes firm steps forward with the support of its dynamic, creative and qualified staff who believe in team spirit with high individual motivation and are open to innovations and developments.

Dem İlaç employs a total of 150 employees across Turkey including Regional Managers and Medical Representatives in 10 Regions. Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Medical, Regulatory Affairs and Business Development departments at its headquarters in Istanbul and other core staff who provide all the support to the field. Dem İlaç has a regional office in Ankara.


Becoming one of the leading firms in Turkish pharmaceutical sector and prioritizing the importance given to patients’ health and to the doctors and pharmacists who contribute to this.


We are a pharmaceutical company using its resources effectively, continuously increasing its competitive quality, following technology and open to further developments.


Placing importance on enthusiastic and dedicated team works,

Considering educated, experienced and participating labor force as the most important asset,

Following changes in the light of honesty and ethical values,

Being aware of our responsibilities to the society and the environment,

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