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         Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Management at DEM İLAÇ is understood as the use of all human resources in the best, most effective and efficient way in order for our company to reach its aims. Our core aim is to operate within the framework of “quality”, ”efficiency” and “competency” principles.

DEM İLAÇ Human Resources Department determines the needs of the company in advance and closely follows the sector to develop applications to contribute to the development of the company. Moreover, the Department plans internal and corporate communication events and initiates social responsibility projects.

The main goal of DEM İLAÇ Human Resources is to attract and employ the best and most effective labor force possible for the highest efficiency skills and creativity of our employees, as well as to increase their performances, to give them the opportunity to improve their skills and to create a peaceful working environment.

Humanistic Aspects

Our employees are our most important assets and therefore, we aim to build our relationship with them on a healthy and permanent foundation with a long term perspective.

We organize a number of social, cultural and educational events for our employees to come together in order to reinforce the cooperative team spirit.

Health of our employees is a prior concern to us and we believe that their success and happiness at work is only possible through having a healthy life.

We aim to create physical working environments complying with the occupational health and safety regulations.

We promise a warm and friendly environment where their performances will be evaluated fairly and transparently through mutual meetings also where they will have the opportunity to advance their careers and voice their opinions openly.

Core Aims

Developing human resources policies and applications required to fulfill our goals,

Using human resources in the most effective and efficient way,

Employing right persons for right jobs; in other words, choosing persons having the required knowledge, ability and competencies for the job and matching them with the most suitable departments,

Allowing job advancement in compliance with the business performance of the employees,

Identifying the training need of the employees and ensuring they have the highest benefit from the training programs in order to fulfill such needs,

Appreciating the efforts and motivating the work of employees to ensure they feel excited and proud of being employed in this company.,

Increasing the satisfaction and commitment of employees,

Applying a fair and exemplary salary and benefit policies,

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